Claiborne West Park, Orange County, Texas Section 428 (Alternative Projects) Funding Application

Claiborne West Park is located in Orange, Texas and was inundated with between 4 and 7 feet of flood waters in August and September 2017 as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Mr. John Catalanotto, as a contract employee the County’s Prime Consultant team, lead the overall effort of developing a Section 428 (Alternative Projects) funding application for the County. In total, eleven (11) different facilities at the park were damaged. They damaged facilities included an Office/Administration building, Restroom Pavilion’s, Picnic Shelters, and Pedestrian Bridges/Ramps. Mr. Catalanotto’s efforts included multiple visits to the Park to validate FEMA damage assessments, assessment of facility compliance with American with Disabilities Act (ADA), development of Section 404 and 406 hazard mitigation approaches, and development of Opinions of Probable Construction Cost (OPCC). The end result of the effort included development of a summary report requesting an approximately $750,000 lump sum grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to repair/replace the damaged facilities.