City of Slidell Town Center Water Well and Distribution System Improvements

In October 2018, Fairway Consulting + Engineering, LLC was awarded the final design services for the for a new water production well and distribution system improvements in the Town Center area of Slidell. The new well is anticipated to have a capacity of 1,500 gallons per minute with a borehole depth of 2,500 feet below ground surface. Chemical feed systems will be designed and include gaseous chlorine for disinfection and blended phosphate as a corrosion inhibitor. The new well will be installed within a recently acquired 100-ft x 100-ft servitude. The servitude will require site civil engineering services including development of paving, grading, and drainage plans. The well be connected to the existing distribution system via a 12-in nominal diameter water main approximately 1,000-ft in length. In an effort to provide additional looping in the water distribution system a new 12-inch nominal diameter water main will be installed below Interstate 10 from Ruth Garrett Way to Voter’s Road. The project is currently in the preliminary design phase.