Louisiana Sugar Refinery Raw Sugar Warehouse

Fairway Consulting + Engineering, LLC is providing structural engineering support for an 80,000 SF pre-engineered building at the Louisiana Sugar Refinery (LSR) in Gramercy, Louisiana. The building will be used to store raw sugar prior to refining. The raw sugar will be stored to heights of between 35 and 40 feet with a maximum slab loading of approximately 1,900 pounds per square foot at the center of the building. The design is a combination of both deep and shallow foundations. The deep foundations were designed along the exterior of the building and consisted of 55-foot Class B (8” tip, 12” butt) timber piles. Each column has a pile cluster consisting of three (3) piles. The interior of the slab has an 18-inch crown and consisting of a “waffle” design with 2-ft by 2.5-ft grade beams. The project is currently in the permitting phase.

78475 Highway 25 Pre-Engineered Metal Building

Fairway Consulting + Engineering, LLC provided structural engineering support for a 6,000 SF pre-engineered building located off Hwy 25 in St. Tammany Parish. The slab was a “waffle” design consisting of 2-ft by 2-ft grade beams on the exterior and 2-ft by 1.5-ft grade beams on the interior of the slab. The controlling factor of the design was the 19,000 lb uplift wind load at the corners of the building. The design was complete within one (1) week of the authorization to proceed and permitted by St. Tammany Parish with no exceptions taken.

Various Residential Foundations

Fairway Consulting + Engineering, LLC performed the design of both shallow and deep foundations for residential projects in southeast Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The projects were located in Hancock County, Mississippi, St. Tammany, Orleans, and St. Bernard Parishes. The designs consisted of concrete slabs on grade with grade beams, square cast-in-place concrete columns for elevated houses/camps, concrete masonry unit (CMU) piers supported by timber piles, and floor joist/building framing fastened to notched timber piles. All designs were approved and permitted through the authority having jurisdiction.