AIDS SPF Rhesus Monkey Breeding Facility Expansion (JRH1) Civil Engineering

Project Description
Project Location

Covington, LA

Project Type

Civil Engineering

Project Description

Fairway Consulting + Engineering (Fairway) provided civil engineering services for the construction of a new building for Rhesus Monkeys at the Tulane National Primate Research Center (TNPRC) located in Covington, Louisiana. The project included the construction of three (3) new housing facilities totaling approximately 8,200 square feet for the primates. The civil engineering design includes preparation of site, drainage, utility, erosion control and pump station drawings. The most challenging aspect of the civil engineering design includes design of a curbing system for the outdoor cages and adequate site grading to ensure that storm water in contact with primate feces does not enter the existing drainage system and instead is conveyed to the sanitary sewage system. A new sanitary sewage pump station with 3-inch suction lift pumps, and a new 4-inch force main totaling approximately 800-feet was also designed by Fairway for this project. The new force main discharges to the existing wastewater treatment plant.