Veteran’s Affairs Hospital Domestic Water Tank

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New Orleans, LA

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Project Description

The Veteran’s Affair (VA) hospital located at 2400 Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana utilizes a below grade 500,000 gallon tank for the facilities domestic and process water (Domestic Water Tank). Water from the tank is distributed to the facility by four (4) sixty (60) horsepower horizontal split case pumps. The facility is unable to utilize the full capacity of the Domestic Water Tank and has experienced pump failure (cavitation) and loss of suction pressure during periods of high demand. Fairway Consulting and Engineering (Fairway) was the lead designer for the project that was executed as design-build. Fairway’s scope of services included the evaluation of hydraulics within the tank and pumping system to identify existing system design deficiencies. Once deficiencies were identified, Fairway designed improvements consisting of modifications to suction piping and system operations during an emergency event. The improvements, resulted in the facility gaining 50% more capacity than originally assumed by the VA at project inception.